Master Keying

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At Broadway Locksmith in Signal Hill, CA we’ll install a master key system throughout your property or facility to ensure the highest of security measures.

What Is a Master Key System?

The term “master key system” refers to a collection of locks, and the keys that operate them. They are related in a hierarchy, with one key at the “top” that will fit into a great number of locks, and a number of keys at the “bottom” that may only fit into one lock. The lower the number of master key levels, the more secure the system. In the case of crafting a master key system, careful planning is essential.

The Benefits of Master Keying

The main advantage of a master key system is that it allows you to restrict access to specific parts of your property, boosting security.

Signal Hill, CA business owners can have exact control over who can access specific rooms or portions of their building with a master key system.

There are also multiple tiers of master keys:

Master keys 

Sometimes known as grand master keys, are the primary keys that control all the locks in a master key system and can open all the locks in a structure.

Sub-master keys 

These are keys that are given to employees on your team at various degrees of seniority so that they can access their respective areas.

Maintenance keys 

These are useful for staff members who need to access specific areas such as storerooms or bathrooms, and they are especially useful for after-hours work.


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With over 50 years in the locksmith business, we create, install, and maintain master key systems, frequently requiring restricted, patented, high-security key systems. Thousands of master key systems with hundreds of keyways are recorded in our codebooks to match building specifications.