Locks and Key Repair Services

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At Broadway Locksmith in Signal Hill, CA we’re here to make, repair, and replace any of your keys and/or locks.

At Broadway Locksmith in Signal Hill, CA, our commitment to providing comprehensive key and lock services goes beyond mere convenience—it’s about ensuring the security and peace of mind of our valued customers. 

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we don’t often think about our keys or locks. That is until, of course, we realize that we need a new key, that we’ve completely lost our car keys, or we just don’t trust the lock on our front door anymore.

We at Broadway Locksmith are here to make, repair, and replace any of your keys and/or locks— no matter how complicated you think it may be. Our state-of-the-art automated machines make it easy for us to produce the highest quality locks and keys for our customers.

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With over 50 years in the locksmith business, we offer you a multitude of lock repair and key repair services. We also offer both in-store and mobile services for ALL your locksmith needs.
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Key Repair & Key Replacement

Our Broadway Locksmith key repair and replacement solutions offer an extensive range that encompasses various sizes, colors, and shapes, meeting your unique preferences and security needs. Our skilled technicians excel in the art of making, repairing, and replacing keys, ensuring a tailored approach to suit your requirements.


Keyless Remotes

Revolutionize entry with our keyless remotes, seamlessly unlocking doors with a button push. Modern convenience meets security, making access effortless and stress-free.


Transponder Keys

Elevate vehicle security with our tailored transponder keys, expertly programmed for your car’s make and model. Trust us for precision in key repair and advanced security.


Smart/Chip Keys

Step into the future with our smart/chip keys, introducing cutting-edge technology for an added security layer to your property. Experience key repair and replacement innovation at its finest.


Remote Keys

Simplify access control and key repair with our remote keys, providing effortless entry management at your fingertips. Enjoy a seamless and secure way to control your spaces with ease.


Novelty Keys

Infuse personality into your essentials with our novelty keys. Beyond functionality, these keys express individual style, adding a touch of flair and uniqueness to your everyday routine.

Lock Repair & Lock Replacement

We take pride in our ability to handle a range of lock issues with precision and expertise. Whether you’re facing a malfunctioning car lock, a compromised home security system, or concerns about the integrity of your safe, Broadway Locksmith is your reliable solution for lock repair and replacement. Our skilled technicians are equipped to make, repair, or replace locks, ensuring that your specific needs are met.


Car Locks

Our specialized services extend to the automotive realm, addressing issues with car door locks, ignition locks, and trunk locks. Broadway Locksmith understands the urgency and importance of swift solutions when it comes to vehicle security, and we prioritize your safety on the road.


Home Security

Safeguarding your home is paramount, and our lock repair and replacement services cover everything from front door locks to internal security measures. Whether you need a simple lock repair or a comprehensive replacement for enhanced security, we’ve got you covered.



Protecting your valuables is a top priority, and Broadway Locksmith excels in repairing and replacing locks on safes of various sizes and complexities. Whether it’s a traditional dial lock or a modern electronic system, our technicians have the expertise to ensure the security of your important belongings.

We Feature Multiple Lock Systems :

Our commitment to excellence extends to the selection of high-quality lock systems for your lock repair and replacement. We understand that the security of your property is of paramount importance, and that’s why we have curated a diverse range of top-tier lock systems from renowned manufacturers. Each brand featured in our inventory represents a commitment to innovation, durability, and advanced security technology.


Elevate security with Medeco’s cutting-edge key control technology, ensuring unparalleled protection against unauthorized key duplication.


Precision meets security with MUL-T-LOCK’s high-tech solutions, boasting telescopic pins for advanced keying options and top-tier security features.


British innovation shines through ABS, offering anti-snap technology to fortify locks against common break-in methods, enhancing your property’s safety.


Scandinavian craftsmanship defines ASSA, providing precision-engineered lock solutions and high-end security systems to safeguard your home or business with confidence.

Master Lock

A global leader, Master Lock delivers robust padlocks and keyed locks, synonymous with strength, durability, and reliable security.


Seamlessly blend technology and tradition with SCHLAGE’s electronic and key-in-knob security solutions, setting the standard for secure entrances.

Von Duprin

Trusted for exit devices, Von Duprin ensures secure egress without compromising on quality craftsmanship, setting the industry standard for safety.


Drive security innovation with Strattec’s automotive lock systems, delivering advanced solutions to protect your vehicle with cutting-edge technology.

Burg Wachter

German precision defines Burg Wachter, offering safes and locks crafted with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring the security of your valuables.


Leaders in bike security, Kryptonite’s robust locks provide an impenetrable defense against theft, ensuring your bicycle stays where it belongs—safely secured


American Security specializes in high-security safes for residential and commercial use, offering peace of mind with reliable protection for your most valuable assets.