Locks and Key Repair Services

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At Broadway Locksmith in Signal Hill, CA we’re here to make, repair, and replace any of your keys and/or locks.

We don’t often think about our keys or locks. That is until, of course, we realize that we need a new key, that we’ve completely lost our car keys, or we just don’t trust the lock on our front door anymore.

We at Broadway Locksmith are here to make, repair, and replace any of your keys and/or locks— no matter how complicated you think it may be. Our state-of-the-art automated machines make it easy for us to produce the highest quality locks and keys for our customers.

Lock Repair & Lock Replacement

We can make, repair, or replace any of your locks— be it for your car, home, safe, etc.

We feature lock systems from:

  • Medeco


  • ABS

  • ASSA

  • Master Lock


  • Von Duprin

  • Strattec

  • Burg Wachter

  • Kryptonite

  • AMSec

  • And so many more!

Key Repair & Key Replacement

We have a wide range of key types— in size, color, and shape— and are able to make, repair, or replace any key that you’d like or need.

We make/repair/replace all types of keys:

  • Keyless remotes

  • Transponder keys

  • Smart/Chip keys

  • Remote Keys

  • Novelty Keys

  • And whatever else you can think of!

lock repair and key repair - Broadway Locksmith
With over 50 years in the locksmith business, we offer you a multitude of lock and key services. We also offer both in-store and mobile services for whatever your locksmith needs may be.
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